B2B Buyer Signals and AI: The Implications For B2B Organizations

B2B Buyer Signals and AI: The Implications For B2B Organizations

Do you know what a buying signal is? Could you read one if you saw one? And if you can recognize them, what do they tell you?

If you're a little lost, you're not alone. Buying signals refer to the various behaviors, content consumption, and social interactions that indicate a potential buyer's interest and engagement with a product or service. In this episode, we look at how finding them, and reading them correctly, is a key to understanding (and nurturing) the customer journey.

And ready or not, AI has become a powerful tool—and an influence—in wholesale distribution and manufacturing. Like an octopus, its tentacles have spread into every facet of business. This week, we look into the implications of the U.S. Homeland Security naming an AI Safety Security Advisory Board, highlighting the potential risks and benefits of tech giants influencing government decisions.

Furthermore, we explored the surge in AI-related lawsuits, particularly focusing on content creators and media organizations suing AI models for using their content without permission. This issue raises complex legal and ethical questions that may eventually reach the Supreme Court.

The landscape of technology is constantly evolving for wholesale distributors. Listen to this week's episode to help stay informed about the developments that affect your business the most. 

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