Navigating The Digital Landscape, From Content To ROI

Navigating The Digital Landscape, From Content To ROI

Let's face it: when it comes to the tech adoption curve, wholesale distributors and manufacturers can be a little behind (Are you? Hint: if you don't know what "adoption curve" means, you are).

On this episode, we dive into the critical role that digital resources play in driving both growth and customer engagement. From providing valuable digital content, to the challenges of balancing self-service experiences with the need for personalized interactions, we'll help you assess your own digital landscape...and show you how it directly impacts your ROI.

In addition, we take a deep dive into the news that affects wholesalers the most: the impact of inflation on the economy, the potential of the industrial metaverse for businesses of all sizes, and a new look at the building blocks for AI in your business.

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