The Challenges of Thought Leadership in AI, Marketing & Manufacturing

The Challenges of Thought Leadership in AI, Marketing & Manufacturing

As AI advances on a seemingly daily basis, wholesale distributors have a new tool to establish thought leadership, create marketing innovations, and deepen partnerships with manufacturers.

But how does this new tool work? And is it authentic?

On this week's episode, Kevin and Tom take a closer look at the impact of B2B AI on content creation, and the importance of authentic thought leadership in marketing. (Hint: it's all about the need for data-driven marketing strategies and the challenges of content authentication in the age of AI-generated content).

We also touch on the significance of brand integrity and the use of blockchain technology for content authentication.

The discussion also moves into the importance of security in Generative AI projects, emphasizing the need to prioritize security measures in AI initiatives.

If you're looking for insights to the current trends and challenges in the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industry—with a healthy dose of the importance of data, authenticity, and security in marketing and technology initiatives—this is an episode you won't want to miss!

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