The Impact—And the Future—of AI in Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

The Impact—And the Future—of AI in Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

AI is changing the landscape of B2B eCommerce faster than we can imagine...and sometimes, faster than businesses can keep up with. In this episode, Kevin and Tom discuss the challenges—and improvements—AI can pose to the economy, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, marketing, cybersecurity, and more. 

We start by taking a deep dive into the recent announcement by OpenAI regarding their new multimodal model, GPT-4. What will be the potential impact of this new technology on different roles within organizations, such as field salespersons, inside salespersons, and counter persons? 

The big question, however, is will AI for business enhance efficiency, provide valuable business insights, and potentially transform the way sales interactions are conducted? Or will the challenges and cultural shifts that may arise with the adoption of such advanced technologies change the very model of wholesale distribution and manufacturing as we know it? 

If you're looking for valuable insights into the evolving landscape of technology and its implications for distribution and manufacturing, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

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