The Supply Chain Snags While AI Rolls Along
Around the Horn in Wholesale Distribution PodcastFebruary 03, 2024
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The Supply Chain Snags While AI Rolls Along

The fragility of the world’s supply chains has been underscored again by escalating tensions in the Red Sea and decisions by major shipping companies to bypass the Suez Canal in favor of a longer and safer route around Africa. But "longer" can mean two things: delays in delivery and more expense. What does this mean in the face of other economic factors that point to a booming recovery (and potentially no recession)?

Meanwhile, AI continues to dominate the tech landscape. According to a Forbes report, tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney are increasing in popularity, allowing marketing teams to streamline or automate the creation of all sorts of content. However, FTC Chair Lina Khan has launched an inquiry into generative AI partnerships, looking to find whether such partnerships pursued by dominant companies "risk distorting innovation and undermining fair competition."

So what does this all mean to wholesale manufacturers and distributors? This week, Tom and Kevin give their unique insight to the news that affects WD the most, offering valuable solutions and expert perspective.