Transforming B2B Commerce with AI and Data Strategy, With Guest Lin Chase

Transforming B2B Commerce with AI and Data Strategy, With Guest Lin Chase

AI may be the most recent technology game-changer for wholesale distribution and manufacturing, but it's by no means the only one. In this week's episode, we're joined by guest Lin Chase, Ph.D., a 35-year veteran of enterprise technology and artificial intelligence and University Administrator. Together, we discuss the evolving landscape of technology in the manufacturing and distribution industry. We also dive into the reasons behind the surge in investment in Mexico's manufacturing infrastructure, as well as the importance of semantic planning in data management and how it can reshape B2B commerce (and just what the heck is "semantic planning" anyway?).

We also explore the potential applications of virtual reality and augmented reality in training and safety measures within manufacturing settings, as well as the need for strategic data planning and the integration of AI for future growth and efficiency. We cover a lot, so grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some incredible insights!

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